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For information about COVID-19 policies and restrictions on campus, please visit the UCLA COVID-19 resources website.

UCLA Center for Accessible Education

Students with the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP):

Please contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to schedule an appointment with a counselor. You can then request a referral for Psychoeducational, Neuropsychological, or Learning Disability assessment.

Please communicate directly with UC SHIP to determine the cost of an assessment and what your insurance covers. You can also complete the Will Rogers Memorial Scholarship application for consideration of reimbursement for the cost of a copay related to an assessment.

Students with Private Health Coverage

Contact your medical insurance to identify providers. This can be done be searching your insurance’s website, or calling and asking for referrals nearby. You can also see the CAE referral list in Student Resources to ask if any of these providers accept your medical insurance.

Students who do not have UC SHIP

Please complete the Will Rogers Memorial Scholarship application for consideration of reimbursement for expenses related to an assessment.

What are the qualifications for consideration?

  • A student who is registered with the CAE for a different disability, but wishes to be assessed for a Learning Disability, or
  • Students who get referred for an assessment by CAPS/BHS/BWC and begin the testing process can also complete the scholarship application.

If you want accommodations but have not yet been tested or do not yet have a diagnosis:

The CAE may make a determination to provisionally and temporarily register a student if the entity that referred you (CAPS/BHS/BWC) can first provide the CAE information related to their diagnostic impression of a learning disorder being present. This would include a clearly articulated clinical impression of any symptoms/limitations that were observed, and their rationale for a referral to an assessment. If you have begun the testing process, your evaluator can provide us information in the interim as well.