Welcome back! We are excited you are back for a new quarter, year, and/or program. We are sure you have many questions, so let’s get you started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to request accommodations each quarter?

Yes! In order to utilize accommodations and have a letter of accommodations available for viewing by your professors, you must request your accommodations every quarter you plan on using them.

Do I have to make an advising appointment with my CAE Disability Specialist every quarter?

It is not necessary to schedule an advising appointment—but you can if you would like to discuss your accommodations or documentation. Please note that your appointment can be in-person or virtual (via Zoom) if you prefer.

How can I schedule an advising appointment with my CAE Disability?

Did you know that you can schedule an advising appointment with your Disability Specialist directly through the CAE Student Portal? Here is how:

  1. Go to our website at https://www.cae.ucla.edu and click on the "Student Portal" in the top right corner of the screen and login in with your UCLA logon information.
  2. Click on "My schedule"
  3. Click "Schedule an appointment"
  4. Select show availability for "Advising appointment"
  5. Select a day and time for your appointment. Please note: We ask that you do not schedule a same-day or next-day appointment.
  6. Make sure to click "Confirm this booking" at the end!

Do I have to submit updated documentation every year?

It depends on your disability and the recency of your documentation. Contact your CAE Disability Specialist for more information.

I’ve been away from UCLA and I’m ready to re-enroll—how do I re-establish eligibility for accommodations?

If you have you have not attended UCLA for a quarter or more, you will need to make an advising appointment with your CAE Disability Specialist to review your accommodations and make adjustments, if necessary.

I am receiving provisional accommodations, and they are set to expire soon. What do I need to do in order to continue receiving my accommodations?

In order to continue receiving accommodations, you must demonstrate a continued need for the accommodations for which you were previously approved. The CAE may require that you obtain updated medical documentation prior to your expiration date to expedite the process. The CAE will review documentation when submitted, however, students may experience a lapse in service until the documentation and need for the accommodations is evaluated. If you have questions about the type of documentation needed, please schedule an advising appointment with your CAE Disability Specialist.

How do I request my accommodation letter?

Visit our Youtube video that describes how to request your accommodation letter