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UCLA Center for Accessible Education

Meet the Team

Norma Kehdi, PsyD.

(310) 206-6386

Director Norma Kehdi

LuMarie Tomasello, M.A.

Disability Specialist
(310) 825-5835

CAE Disability Specialist LuMarie Tomasello

Laura Czajkowski, M.S.

Assistant Director
(310) 794-5732

Laura Czajkowski

Tony Buffo

Alternative Format / Assistant Proctor Coordinator
(310) 825-3374

Tania Lopez

Administrative Specialist
(310) 825-5335

Administrative Services Manager Tania Lopez

Albert J. Mason

Senior Proctoring & Logistics Specialist
(310) 825-2860

AJ Mason Senior Proctoring & Logistics Specialist

Kya Lisum, Ed.M.

Disability Specialist
(310) 267-2004

Kya Lisum

Kathleen Dunlevy

Notetaking Coordinator

Rica Ocampo, M.A.

Alternative Format Specialist

Rica Ocampo profile photo.

Alex Mazzeo, M.Ed.

Disability Specialist
(310) 794-5731

Disability Specialist, Alex Mazzeo. Pronouns: He/Him/His.

Courtney Castleman, M.A.

Disability Specialist
(310) 267-2007

CAE Disability Specialist Courtney Castleman

Catherine Hoang, M.A., Ed.S.

Disability Specialist
(310) 825-1501

CAE Disability Specialist Catherine Hoang

Felicia A. Price

CART Realtime Captioner

Felicia Price Senior Proctoring & Logistics Specialist

Christine Ahn

CART Realtime Captioner
(310) 890-4524

Christine Ahn CART Realtime Captioner