The CAE is excited to welcome new UCLA students, as well as welcome back our returning students already registered with us! We look forward to supporting you in the 2022-2023 academic school year.

If you plan to visit the CAE in-person, please be aware of the most recent campus updates for COVID-19 protocols:

Please see below for important updates for the current quarter:

Fall 2022 Updates

Request your Accommodations Letters and Email Instructors

Have you requested your accommodations so that your Letter of Accommodation can be viewed by your professors in the Faculty Portal? Please follow these 2 steps:

1. To use your accommodations, you will need to complete the following steps through the CAE Student Portal. Please follow instructions from this YouTube video to request that CAE send a letter to the Faculty Portal which tells your instructors what accommodations you have. This letter only informs your instructors that you are a student in their class who is registered with CAE and has approved accommodations. A few reminders about your accommodation letters: 

  • Once requested, you will either see that your accommodation letter status says “Sent” or “Confirmed.” Your instructors may view the letter, but not confirm it, as these are two separate steps. The letter does not need to be “confirmed” for your accommodations to be active. If you have concerns about receiving your accommodations, you can send your instructor an email to confirm, and copy your CAE Disability Specialist on the email.   

  • Request your letters early in the quarter! We recommend during week 1 or 2 of the quarter. You will complete this step at beginning of each quarter that you want to use your accommodations.  

2. After you complete step #1, please also email the following to your instructors and copy your CAE Disability Specialist:  

“Dear Instructor, I am registered with the Center for Accessible Education (CAE) and recently submitted a request to make my CAE accommodation letter available to you. You can view my accommodation letter in the Faculty Portal. After clicking on “View Letter,” please complete steps #1 and #2: review the accommodation letter, and confirm receipt of the accommodation letter. 

**If you are approved for any EXAM accommodations, add this: I am approved for exam accommodations, and CAE's new procedure is that if you are unable to proctor my exams, you should proceed to immediately fill out the Testing Request form to submit your request for proctoring support—as they require 7-days’ notice.**

If you have any questions about my accommodations, you can follow up with my CAE Disability Specialist, who is copied on this email. Thank you."

How to Schedule an Advising Appointment with your Disability Specialist

Did you know that you can schedule an advising appointment with your Disability Specialist directly through the CAE Student Portal? Here is how:

  1. Go to our website at and click on the "Student Portal" in the top right corner of the screen and login in with your UCLA logon information.
  2. Click on "My schedule"
  3. Click "Schedule an appointment"
  4. Select show availability for "Advising appointment"
  5. Select a day and time for your appointment. Please note: We ask that you do not schedule a same-day or next-day appointment.
  6. Make sure to click "Confirm this booking" at the end!

Drop-in Hours

We have a few different types of drop-in hours, depending on what type of CAE support you are seeking:

Disability Specialist Drop-in Hours

The Disability Specialists are available Monday-Friday to answer quick, general CAE questions for students, staff, and faculty. The drop-in can be joined through the extended link at: or Meeting ID: 949 6391 1430.

Please refer the CAE calendar at for specific days and times. 

Your Disability Specialist is here to support you! You can email them directly or set up an advising appointment with them through the CAE portal.   

Housing Accommodations Drop-In Hours

CAE Housing Accommodations are available for all your CAE Housing Accommodations questions. The drop-in can be joined through the extended link at: or using the Meeting ID: 488 4161 384.

Please refer the CAE calendar at for specific days and times. 

You can also contact the CAE Housing Accommodations staff at 

Testing Center Drop-In Hours

The CAE Testing Center are available for all your questions about your exam accommodations and proctoring. ***Please note: the CAE Testing Center does not conduct testing for disabilities (for example: psychoeducational testing for a learning disability or ADHD). The drop-in can be joined through the extended link at: or using the Meeting ID: 983 8329 9060.

Please refer the CAE calendar at for specific days and times. 

You can also contact the CAE Testing Center at caetesting@saonet.ucla or at 310-825-2651. 

Reminder on How to Add Additional Time to Exams

As a reminder to faculty, the process for requesting testing/proctoring services from the CAE has changed. The procedure longer involves students requesting accommodations for each exam; rather, after reviewing the accommodation letter, faculty, if necessary, will immediately fill out this form to submit their request for proctoring support. Please email to request CAE assistance with this process.


We have a few great workshops planned for this quarter:

  • CAE Time Management Workshop
  • Tuesday, October 11 from 3pm to 4pm
  • On Zoom: Meeting ID: 948 0037 3927

Zoom link:

  • Description: Join us to learn about time management strategies and tools to implement for this Fall quarter! We will discuss the different elements of time management, such as awareness, arrangement, and adaptation. Digital handouts to support organizational strategies will be provided during the workshop. The workshop will take place on Tuesday, October 11th from 3pm to 4pm and will be held on Zoom. Meeting ID: 948 0037 3927.
  • If you need a reasonable accommodation for this event, please contact Kayla Pavlinac at All reasonable accommodation requests should be made at least 1 week before the workshop. We will attempt to fulfill requests made after this date but cannot guarantee they will be met.


  • CAE Wellness Workshop
  • Wednesday, November 2 from 3pm to 4:30pm
  • On Zoom: Meeting ID: 956 3472 5915, Passcode: 281402

Zoom Link:

  • Description: Join us to learn about the dimensions of wellness and discuss ways to implement wellness-based goals! The workshop will take place on Wednesday, November 2nd from 3pm to 4:30pm and will be held on Zoom. Meeting ID: 956 3472 5915 & Passcode: 281402.
  • If you need a reasonable accommodation for this event, please contact Nina Federizo at All reasonable accommodation requests should be made at least 1 week before the workshop. We will attempt to fulfill requests made after this date but cannot guarantee they will be met.

CAE Staff Updates  

Since summer, we have had a few people leave the CAE, however, we are working very hard to fill those positions fast. We are currently hiring for CAE Director, CAE Associate Director, and 2 Disability Specialists. 

We also very excited to share that the following people have been hired:

  • Veronica Martinez-Lopez, Associate Director, Programming, Evaluation, and Auxiliary Services
  • Yvonne Ybarra, Senior Proctoring & Logistics Specialist
  • Bree Tungate, Disability Specialist
  • Maury Ferreira, Disability Specialist
  • Kayla Pavlinac, Disability Specialist
  • Jess Austin, Disability Specialist
  • Nina Federizo, Accessibility Triage Specialist

Pregnancy Accommodations and Resources

Did you know that the CAE can help support pregnant students? Pregnancy itself is not considered a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Students may be eligible for reasonable accommodations and CAE services for pregnancy-related complications (such as serious health conditions) or other conditions that constitute a disability, including complications that arise postpartum or exacerbations of an existing impairment due to pregnancy.

For more information, please see our website at

Scholarship Opportunities

The Philip & Artemis Tamoush Scholarship

This scholarship is provided thanks to a generous donation from Philip and Artemis Tamoush. Mr. Tamoush is a UCLA Alumni, and an amputee. The CAE will award two $2000 scholarships. There are no limitations on how the scholarship recipients may use the awarded funds. To apply, please complete the application at this link: The Philip & Artemis Tamoush Scholarship.

To qualify, you must be: a student at UCLA who is an amputee, were born with a limb difference, or otherwise experienced limb loss. Student must be in excellent academic standing (with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA). A few notes:

The Personal Interest Statement (required) is limited to one single-spaced page (approximately 3,500 characters). It must explain (a) who you are and why you are is interested in this scholarship; (b) how you meet the qualifications of the scholarship, and (c) your goals and how a scholarship will help with these goals. If you are submitting an attachment, please state so in this section and attach your one-page statement to the following section.

Please note: a breakfast or lunch will be planned with the scholarship recipients, benefactors of the scholarship, and relevant CAE staff.

The Bernard Sanghyun Kim Memorial Scholarship Fund for Deaf & Hard-of Hearing students & and The Campbell Family Scholarship for Blind & Low Vision students.

Please visit our scholarships website at the following link: for detailed information about how to apply for these scholarships. Award amounts vary. Contact the CAE Administrative Services Manager, Tania Lopez (, with any questions or to submit your request.

The Will Rogers Scholarship

The CAE is seeking to provide a $1,000.00 Will Rogers Scholarship award to enrolled students with disabilities that demonstrate strong leadership, dedication or involvement in organizations, activities, academic research, or issues that promote awareness and acceptance for the disability community. We want to help support your research, projects, and vital work towards amplifying the experiences of the community. If you are interested in the scholarship, please submit your application for consideration. The CAE will select 5 students.  

Campus Advocacy and Involvement 

The Disabled Student Union (DSU)

DSU provides a safe and inclusive place for people with disabilities to feel accepted. Its purpose is to empower students through advocacy and education, build relationships with the administration and the wider campus community, to remove barriers of access on campus, and to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities to live in peace. UCLA’s DSU will work to lead programs for people with disabilities as well as create a community of acceptance and solidarity at UCLA. You can find out more information on their Facebook or their Instagram @dsuucla 


All-Brains is a neurodiversity community at UCLA that offers an inclusive space for students with Autism, ADHD, and other learning differences through social activities and peer mentoring. You can find out more information on their UCLA All Brains website or their Instagram @uclaallbrains