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UCLA Center for Accessible Education

CAE Testing Center

Remember to release your accommodation letters during Week One of the quarter (or at least 7 days prior to exam date). If you miss the 7 day notice:

Midterm (Weeks 1 -9): CAE Testing Center drop-in hours Monday – Thursday between 12pm – 1pm via zoom or call to schedule an appointment as NO WALK–INS are being held

Finals (weeks 10 - 11): No drop-in hours.. Send an email to We will review your request and respond within 24 business hours. Please provide the reason for making the request late, and any other pertinent information.

For any other questions, the CAE Testing Center hours are 8am - 4pm.

CAE Testing Center is located in Murphy A-242. Phone: 310-825-2651 Email: Add to email contact list to avoid emails to spam/junk folder.

Guidelines in the Proctored Exam Setting

  • Testing locations do not always have clocks. Bring a watch. However, cellphones/smart watches are not permitted.
  • Arrive to testing location ON TIME with appropriate materials allowed for exam (pen, pencil, blue, book, calculator, etc.). If you arrive late, the time will not be added.
  • Know your accommodations and which accommodations you have requested to use during the exam.
  • Know how long you have and know your end time. If you think the length of time is incorrect, check with testing staff prior to starting your exam. Keep track of your time during the exam.
  • Notify your CAE Counselor of any changes in disability or medical condition (these changes may necessitate a change in your proctoring accommodations).
  • Notify Testing Center staff via email ( if you decide to cancel an exam.
  • If you have a question during an exam, let the proctor know. The proctor may be able to contact professors via phone or email. If not, a proctor may escort you to the classroom to speak directly to the professor or one of the TAs
  • All students must notify the Proctor when leaving a testing room (e.g. to use the restroom or to take a break).
  • When testing with CAE our expectation is that all students abide by the Student Conduct Code.

Exam Accommodation Process

Step 1: Student

The exam accommodation begins with the student logging into theStudent Portal and releasing the Letter of Accommodations to be viewed by the course faculty. This letter should be released during Week One of each quarter, or at least 7 days prior to exam administration.

Step 2: Faculty

Faculty will receive notification that one or more students in their course has requested accommodation letters and can be viewed through the Faculty Portal.

Step 3: Faculty

After reviewing the accommodation letter, the faculty, if necessary, will use the testing form link (attached to the letter) to request CAE assistance (be aware, in some cases the course professor may provide the accommodation).

Step 4: CAE Testing Center

Testing center will utilize the Faculty Portal to add students to the testing schedule and coordinate testing details with course faculty.

Step 5: Student

Student will receive notification informing them they have been added to the CAE testing schedule. Student will also receive a reminder 3 days and 1 day prior to exam date to check the Student Portal under“My Schedule” for the location of their exam. Note: “Prof Accomm” means professor will be administering the exam and providing the accommodation(s).

Step 6: CAE Testing Center

CAE Testing center will proctor the exam.

Step 7: CAE Testing Center OR Faculty

CAE Testing Center returns completed exam to the faculty – OR - Faculty chooses to pick up completed exams from the CAE Testing Center.