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For coronavirus information for the UCLA community, please visit the Ashe Center website and UCLA’s information page.

UCLA Center for Accessible Education

If you plan to visit the CAE in-person, please note the following:

  • Beginning April 11, 2022, indoor masking will be highly recommended but no longer required for students, faculty and staff who are up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • All individuals who are living, learning and/or working on the UCLA campus — vaccinated and unvaccinated — must continue to honestly complete the UCLA Symptom Monitoring Online Survey prior to arriving on campus, or each morning if living on campus. Do not come to campus for any reason if you are sick, if symptoms are present or if you were exposed to someone with COVID-19 until clearance is obtained.

Spring 2022 Updates

Welcome Letter from Student Leaders


CAE Students,

✦✦✦Welcome and welcome back! ✦✦✦

Registering and communicating with the CAE is vital to accessing your right to an education. However, there is much more to college than classes and academics -- and you deserve to have access to the full college experience. Whether you identify as disabled or not, we invite you to check out the welcoming community of the Disabled Student Union (DSU):

The Disabled Student Union (DSU) provides a safe and inclusive place for people with disabilities to feel accepted. Its purpose is to empower students through advocacy and education, build relationships with the administration and the wider campus community, to remove barriers of access on campus, and to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities to live in peace. Along with Access on Board, the Disability Studies Minor, and the University Committee on Disability, UCLA’s DSU will work to lead programs for people with disabilities as well as create a community of acceptance at UCLA.

In addition to DSU, student government organizations are advocating for disability justice and are here to support you. Within the Undergraduate Student Association, the Facilities Commission (FAC) and the Academic Affairs Commission (AAC) have projects -- Access on Board and Disability Justice in Education, respectively -- dedicated to fighting for and with students with disabilities. FAC and AAC student representatives have recurring meetings with the CAE and are actively working to ensure that disabled students are considered in the return to campus. We encourage all of you to reach out to FAC/AAC with any disability-related concerns or if you are interested in joining our advocacy efforts.

While this upcoming year brings tumultuous changes, we are excited to grow the vibrant community of Disabled Bruins!

Much Bruin Love, 

Academic Affairs Commission, Disabled Student Union, & Facilities Commission

Contact Information

Academic Affairs Commission


Disability Justice in Education Email:

Instagram: @usacaac


Disabled Student Union


Instagram: @dsuucla 

TikTok: @dsuucla 


Facilities Commission


Accessibility Chief of Staff Email:

Instagram: @usacfac 

Request your Accommodations Letters and Email Instructors

Have you requested your accommodations so that your Letter of Accommodation can be viewed by your professors in the Faculty Portal? Please follow these 2 steps:

1. To use your accommodations, you will need to complete the following steps through the CAE Student Portal. Please follow instructions from this YouTube video to request that CAE send a letter to the Faculty Portal which tells your instructors what accommodations you have. This letter only informs your instructors that you are a student in their class who is registered with CAE and has approved accommodations. A few reminders about your accommodation letters: 

  • Once requested, you will either see that your accommodation letter status says “Sent” or “Confirmed.” Your instructors may view the letter, but not confirm it, as these are two separate steps. The letter does not need to be “confirmed” for your accommodations to be active. If you have concerns about receiving your accommodations, you can send your instructor an email to confirm, and copy your CAE Disability Specialist on the email.   

  • Request your letters early in the quarter! We recommend during week 1 or 2 of the quarter. You will complete this step at beginning of each quarter that you want to use your accommodations.  

2. After you complete step #1, please also email the following to your instructors and copy your CAE Disability Specialist:  

“Dear Instructor, I am registered with the Center for Accessible Education (CAE) and recently submitted a request to make my CAE accommodation letter available to you. You can view my accommodation letter in the Faculty Portal. After clicking on “View Letter,” please complete steps #1 and #2: review the accommodation letter, and confirm receipt of the accommodation letter. 

**If you are approved for any EXAM accommodations, add this: I am approved for exam accommodations, and CAE's new procedure is that if you are unable to proctor my exams, you should proceed to immediately fill out the Testing Request form to submit your request for proctoring support—as they require 7-days’ notice.**

If you have any questions about my accommodations, you can follow up with my CAE Disability Specialist, who is copied on this email. Thank you."

Testing Accommodations Updates

**For both in-person and remote courses, please be aware the CAE has a new procedure**

You will no longer schedule individual exams through the CAE Student Portal. Instead, you will utilize your approved testing accommodations by requesting your accommodation letters via the CAE Student Portal. Please request your accommodation letters during Week 1 or at least 7 days prior to first exam date.

Your professors will either provide you with your accommodations or set up your exam arrangements with the CAE Testing Center, if they require CAE support.

If your exam is scheduled with the CAE Testing Center, you will be notified that your exams are confirmed with CAE and to view your updated testing location via the CAE Student Portal, 2 days prior to exam. Please check the CAE Student Portal under “My Schedule” for the testing location of your exam and to confirm that your instructor has booked the exam.

Please note: if it says “Prof Accomm” that means your instructor will be administering the exam and providing the accommodation(s). 

Other Accommodation Updates 

Notetaking Support 

For remote/online classes: the accommodation remains the same. Once you request your accommodation letters, the letter instructs professors to record and upload their Zoom lecture to CCLE.  Through Kaltura, a program in CCLE, uploaded videos will be captioned and have the option to download transcripts at 95% accuracy. Access to these recordings meets the notetaking support accommodation.    

For in-person classes: you will utilize your approved notetaking support accommodation. If you have not utilized your accommodation while on-campus, please email your Disability Specialist as soon as possible to finalize and receive information about how to access your notetaking support accommodation. If you have not signed an Audio Recording Agreement, you can find it on the CAE website under “Notetaking Support” and can email it directly to your Disability Specialist.  

Peer Notetaking: Please be sure to request your accommodation within the first 2 weeks of the quarter. Requests will be accepted after, however, identifying a peer notetaker for your course may be limited and course notes for prior weeks may not be guaranteed. 

  • If you submit your requests from weeks 3–8: identifying a peer notetaker for your course may be limited and course notes for prior weeks may not be guaranteed.  
  • If you submit your requests after week 8: requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 

To ensure that our students are receiving and utilizing the most appropriate and adequate accommodations, the CAE monitors accommodations usage and makes recommendations to students based on the information gathered during our audits. If a student approved for peer notetaking is not utilizing peer notetaking, you may be switched to another method of notetaking support, including technology-assisted notetaking options.    

CART Captioning 

For remote/online classes, this will look exactly like it has over the past 1.5 years.  CAE’s CART captioning scheduler will be in contact with you to schedule remote CART captioners for your course(s). 

For in-person classes, please be aware of new information: Remote CART is being offered as the primary method of implementing live captioning, for both online and in-person courses. The field of CART captioning nationwide has shifted toward a remote model, impacting our ability to secure in-person captioners. We hope for remote CART to be an alternative that will guarantee equitable access to our students who use this service. If students have concerns with remote CART for in-person courses, let your Disability Specialist and/or the CART captioning scheduler know and we will work with you to coordinate the most effective service method. 

How to Schedule an Advising Appointment with your Disability Specialist

Did you know that you can schedule an advising appointment with your Disability Specialist directly through the CAE Student Portal? Here is how:

  1. Go to our website at and click on the "Student Portal" in the top right corner of the screen and login in with your UCLA logon information.
  2. Click on "My schedule"
  3. Click "Schedule an appointment"
  4. Select show availability for "Advising appointment"
  5. Select a day and time for your appointment. Please note: We ask that you do not schedule a same-day or next-day appointment.
  6. Make sure to click "Confirm this booking" at the end!

Drop-in Hours

We have a few different types of drop-in hours, depending on what type of CAE support you are seeking:

Disability Specialist Drop-in Hours

The Disability Specialists are available Monday-Friday to answer quick, general CAE questions for students, staff, and faculty. You can find more information on the calendar on the CAE website. The drop-in can be joined through the extended link at: or Meeting ID: 949 6391 1430.

You can meet with anyone, but if are looking to meet with your specific assigned Disability Specialist, here are their hours for Spring 2022:  

  • Addison – Mondays at 3PM
  • Natalia – Tuesdays at 10AM
  • Alex – Wednesdays at 1PM
  • Kya – Thursdays at 3PM

We also have drop-in for in-person meetings offered on Thursdays at 11AM with Alex. 

Your Disability Specialist is here to support you! You can email them directly or set up an advising appointment with them through the CAE portal.   

Housing Accommodations Drop-In Hours

CAE Housing Accommodations staff will offer virtual drop-in hours on Monday-Thursday from 4-5pm for all your CAE Housing Accommodations questions. You can find more information on the calendar on the CAE website. The drop-in can be joined through the extended link at: or using the Meeting ID: 488 4161 384.

You can also contact the CAE Housing Accommodations staff at 

Testing Center Drop-In Hours

The CAE Testing Center will offer virtual drop-in hours on Monday-Thursday from 12-1pm for all your questions about your exam accommodations. You can find more information on the calendar on the CAE website. The drop-in can be joined through the extended link at: or using the Meeting ID: 983 8329 9060.

You can also contact the CAE Testing Center at caetesting@saonet.ucla or at 310-825-2651. 

CAE Open House

We are excited to be hosting an in-person Open House in May!

The CAE invites you to our in-person Open House on Friday March 13th, 2022. Come build community with students with disabilities at UCLA, learn more about the Center for Accessible Education and our growing team, and discover more about available campus resources. More information coming soon!

CAE Staff Updates  

We are very excited to welcome new staff members:

  • Addison Wightman is our newest Disability Specialist and he started with the CAE in February 2022!
  • The CAE and DGSOM are very excited to share that Grace Clifford has joined the staff in a new role, Director of Disability Services for DGSOM. Grace joined the team in March 2022. Grace will be working with all CAE DGSOM students moving forward. 

Scholarship Opportunities

The Philip & Artemis Tamoush Scholarship

This scholarship is provided thanks to a generous donation from Philip and Artemis Tamoush. Mr. Tamoush is a UCLA Alumni, and an amputee. The CAE will award two $2000 scholarships. There are no limitations on how the scholarship recipients may use the awarded funds. To apply, please complete the application at this link: The Philip & Artemis Tamoush Scholarship.

To qualify, you must be: a student at UCLA who is an amputee, were born with a limb difference, or otherwise experienced limb loss. Student must be in excellent academic standing (with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA). A few notes:

The Personal Interest Statement (required) is limited to one single-spaced page (approximately 3,500 characters). It must explain (a) who you are and why you are is interested in this scholarship; (b) how you meet the qualifications of the scholarship, and (c) your goals and how a scholarship will help with these goals. If you are submitting an attachment, please state so in this section and attach your one-page statement to the following section.

Please note: a breakfast or lunch will be planned with the scholarship recipients, benefactors of the scholarship, and relevant CAE staff.

The Bernard Sanghyun Kim Memorial Scholarship Fund for Deaf & Hard-of Hearing students & and The Campbell Family Scholarship for Blind & Low Vision students.

Please visit our scholarships website at the following link: for detailed information about how to apply for these scholarships. Award amounts vary. Contact the CAE Administrative Services Manager, Tania Lopez (, with any questions or to submit your request.

The Will Rogers Scholarship

The CAE is seeking to provide a $1,000.00 Will Rogers Scholarship award to enrolled students with disabilities that demonstrate strong leadership, dedication or involvement in organizations, activities, academic research, or issues that promote awareness and acceptance for the disability community. We want to help support your research, projects, and vital work towards amplifying the experiences of the community. If you are interested in the scholarship, please submit your application for consideration. The CAE will select 5 students.  

Research Participant Opportunities

UCLA Electrical & Computer Engineering are running a user study on Mixed Reality techniques to improve visual accessibility of physical environments for users with motor impairments. In the study, participants first complete a survey asking about demographic information and accessibility challenges they have been facing in everyday settings. After this survey, participants will watch a short video that demonstrates five mixed reality interaction techniques we developed in response to common accessibility challenges. Finally, participants will be asked several questions about these interaction techniques in an interview. 

If you are a person with motor impairments who uses assistive mobility technologies (e.g., wheelchair, walker, cane) on a daily basis and would like to participate, please sign up with this form ( and book a time at (

The study will be conducted on Zoom, and will last about an hour with $40 as reimbursement. If you have questions, please email Prof. Yang Zhang at

Campus Advocacy and Involvement 

The Disabled Student Union (DSU)

DSU provides a safe and inclusive place for people with disabilities to feel accepted. Its purpose is to empower students through advocacy and education, build relationships with the administration and the wider campus community, to remove barriers of access on campus, and to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities to live in peace. UCLA’s DSU will work to lead programs for people with disabilities as well as create a community of acceptance and solidarity at UCLA. You can find out more information on their Facebook or their Instagram @dsuucla 


All-Brains is a neurodiversity community at UCLA that offers an inclusive space for students with Autism, ADHD, and other learning differences through social activities and peer mentoring. You can find out more information on their UCLA All Brains website or their Instagram @uclaallbrains