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UCLA Center for Accessible Education

ADA & 504 Compliance Office

This office (1) monitors and coordinates compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 which prohibit discrimination based on disability in University Activities; (2) offers guidance and evaluates efforts to provide access to campus facilities and programs; (3) develops procedures to identify and correct access deficiencies; (4) disseminates information regarding compliance-related issues and recommends appropriate remedial actions; (5) coordinates the implementation of the ADA Transition Plan; and (6) fields complaints alleging noncompliance with the ADA & Section 504. A239 Murphy Hall, (310) 825-1514 (voice), (310) 206-9228 (FAX).

All Brains

All Brains, formally known as STAND (Students Taking Action for Neurodiversity), is a student focused and student led program that plans and arranges all of our events around constant feedback from neurodiverse students at UCLA. All Brains is proud of be the first program that caters to these needs and has hosted social events for neurodiverse students, RA trainings, and is in planning to present a training for UCLA professionals/faculty. Moreover, All Brains volunteers are currently being trained as peer coaches through the BRC GRIT program so that they can be dual trained in both neurodiversity and peer coaching for next year’s pilot program in mentoring neurodiverse students.

Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center

Arthur Ashe Center, 221 Westwood Plaza. Appointments and Information: (310) 825-4073.

Campus and Student Resilience

The mission of Campus and Student Resilience is to promote resilience skills -- emphasizing connection and belonging, service, self-efficacy and mastery, and self-reflection. Includes RISE (Resilience in Your Student Experience) programming.


CARE is committed to the eradication of sexual and gender-based violence through creating and sustaining a safe, healthy, and equitable community for all people. CARE strives to achieve this through provision of comprehensive prevention education, individual support and advocacy, and holistic healing programs for all members of the UCLA community.

Career Center

The Career Center provides a wide range of services, programs and resources designed to help students with disabilities make informed career decisions and compete successfully in the job market. The Career Center stresses the importance of beginning the career development process as early as possible and offers assistance to students with disabilities. Strathmore Center Building, 501 Westwood Plaza, (310) 206-1915

Committee on Disability (UCOD)

The UCOD was established in 1982 as an advisory group by the Chancellor to create and maintain a more accessible campus environment. The UCOD is composed of student, faculty, staff, alumni, and community and ex-officio members. The Committee's charge is to analyze and identify problems, propose solutions, and make recommendations on matters of particular concern to persons with disabilities.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS provides short term individual counseling, stress management, support groups and consultation to registered students of all ages and academic levels. They are located at John Wooden Center West, 221 Westwood Plaza, (310) 825-0768 (voice), 206-7366 (FAX).

Disabilities and Computing Program (DCP)

The DCP offers access to computers for independent and productive work for students, staff, and faculty with disabilities. The DCP offers state-of-the-art technology such as computers with voice synthesis, speech recognition, scanners, alternative keyboards and reading machines. 4909 Math Sciences Building, 206-7133 (voice), 206-5155 (TTY), 206-7025 (FAX).

Center for Accessible Education (CAE)

The CAE is a campus resource providing educational support services and programmatic access to students with verifiable permanent and temporary disabilities. In addition, the CAE provides information to faculty about academic accommodations. Students can benefit from the Learning Disabilities Program, readers, notetakers, interpreters, priority enrollment, test-taking facilitation, adaptive aids, and on-campus transportation/parking assistance. A255 Murphy, 825-1501 (voice), 825-9656 (FAX).

University Extension Disabled Student Services

The UCLA Extension (UNEX) Disabled Student Services Office offers a variety of services for extension students with disabilities, including notetakers, readers, interpreters, enrollment assistance, exam proctoring and parking assistance.