A student discloses their disability status & requests accommodations

Refer the student to the CAE so they can request accommodations.

A student asks for an accommodation that does not appear on their letter of accommodation

Contact the CAE and speak with a Disability Specialist.

A student not registered with the CAE asks for an accommodation after they performed poorly on an exam

Refer the student to the CAE. Retroactive accommodations are generally not approved-- accommodations can be applied after the student has formally disclosed their disability status & completed the CAE intake process.

A CAE-registered student has missed several classes & is asking to be excused from them based on disability

Contact the CAE. While the CAE can advocate for some disability- related absences to be excused, we cannot ask that a student be completely exempted from attending class.

A CAE-registered student is attempting to make assignment deadline adjustments without consulting with their CAE Specialist

Refer the student to their CAE Specialist so that the Specialist can assist you and the student in determining a reasonable modified assignment deadline

A CAE-registered student asks for an adjustment that is not related to their disability

Treat the request as you would for anystudent in your course without factoring their CAE registration into the decision.