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UCLA Center for Accessible Education

To assist faculty in providing exam accommodations, the CAE operates a Testing Center. The most commonly accessed accommodations are extended time and a distraction-reduced environment. Students are expected to make their accommodation letters available via the Student Portal during week one of each quarter (or no later than 7 days prior to first exam administration date).

Updated 10/8/21: Please note that the process for requesting testing/proctoring services from the CAE has changed. The procedure will no longer involve students requesting accommodations for each exam; rather, after reviewing the accommodation letter, faculty, if necessary, will immediately email to request CAE assistance, or fill out this form to submit their request for proctoring support.

We also want to continue to encourage faculty, when possible, to consider implementing alternative exam formats that do not involve proctoring. Please review UCLA’s Alternative Assessment Recommendations for more information about alternative assessment ideas.

Utilizing the Faculty Portal to Provide Exams to the Proctoring Center

The Faculty Portal allows instructors to upload exams directly to the Portal, view accommodation letters, and provide exam information – all in one convenient place.

  1. To access the Faculty Portal, visit the CAE homepage at The Faculty Portal is located at the top of the page. Log in using your UCLA logon ID and password.
  2. Follow the step-by-step instructions, provide exam information, and upload the exam. The exam is uploaded to a secure, encrypted, password-protected portal that is accessible only to CAE Testing staff.
  3. The CAE will download the exam and provide proctoring services in our Proctoring Center or at another location on campus. Proctors will ensure that exam instructions you provided in the Portal are followed during the exam.
  4. After the exam is administered, it will be returned, in a sealed envelope - or available for pick-up - following the instructions provided in the Faculty Portal. You will be notified of any issues or special incidents that occurred during testing.

How Faculty Can Ensure a Equitable Testing Experience for Students with Disabilities

Provide accurate exam dates in advance.

Discuss with CAE students how pop quizzes might be handled. CAE staff can assist with options that will meet your learning outcomes.

Provide exams in a timely fashion.

All exams & testing instructions should be provided as far in advance as possible. This ensures that CAE students are able to start their exams on time, without delays caused by retrieving exams at the last minute. If changes are made after uploading an exam, please notify the Testing Center immediately to ensure your student has the correct version of the exam. Please note that the CAE Testing Center does not receive exams via email, nor will CAE staff pick up exams from the classroom.

Provide access to information during exams.

If students in the classroom can ask the professor or TA questions during the exam, CAE students must have the same access during their exams in the Testing Center or other locations. Please provide contact information with your instructions in the Faculty Portal.

Instructors are responsible for implementing CAE-approved accommodations.

As instructors, faculty share responsibility for providing students with disabilities equal access to educational opportunities. The Testing Center assists UCLA faculty in fulfilling this mandate. Whenever possible, professors are encouraged to provide exam accommodations.

If you choose to have your department proctor the exam:

You may elect to provide the exam accommodation or to have personnel in your department provide the accommodation. Please refer to your student’s Letter of Accommodation to ensure that they receive the adjustment for which they have been approved. If you have any questions about exam proctoring, please contact the CAE Testing Center.