How can I verify the accommodations my student is approved for?

Accommodation letters notify you about the academic accommodations your CAE- registered students will need to mitigate disability-related limitations. To view your student’s accommodation letters, please follow these steps or watch our YouTube video:

  1. Visit the Faculty Portal found on the CAE homepage. Log into the Portal using your UCLA logon and password.
  2. You will see two headings: Courses and Accommodation Letters. Click on Accommodations Letters to view a list of students who have requested that you view their letter.
  3. Click “View letter” to view your student’s letter.
  4. After you review or save a .pdf of the letter, proceed to step 2 – confirming receipt of the letter. The system will record your confirmation.
  5. Please contact the CAE if your student is asking for an accommodation that does not appear on the accommodations letter.

A student is asking for an accommodation, but does not have an official letter from the CAE.

Do not provide accommodations to students who do not have an official Center for Accessible Education accommodation letter. Refer any student who does not have an official accommodation letter to the CAE so that we may determine student eligibility for accommodations.

Does the CAE provide accommodations for temporary injuries or illnesses?

The CAE can provide accommodations for temporary injuries or illness (broken bones, concussions, ongoing illness, etc.). Students with short-term illnesses (cold, flu, etc.), which do not qualify as disabilities under the ADA, should work directly with faculty to develop a plan for any missed classes or assignments.