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Tips and tricks for making the most of the move to online learning and avoiding burnout


  • Dedicate different areas of your space for different things (e.g. academics, sleep, Netflix, art, reading, etc.) to help create a distinction between work time and rest time.
  • If you live in a noisy environment but don’t like to listen to music when you study, listen to white noise.
  • Clean your space and make it comfortable and usable for you. Put art, pictures, or inspiring quotes and affirmations on the walls to motivate you.


  • Do at least one thing in the morning to get you ready for the day. This can mean just brushing your teeth or doing a full routine.
  • Instead of getting overwhelmed by a long list of things to do, choose three things you want to accomplish for sure by the end of the day. Reward yourself for completing these tasks!
  • If you don’t want to write out the times you need to have things done by, try making a flowchart of what getting ready for the day looks like.


  • Pay attention to how your body feels. Eyes are muscles, and they can get tired quickly too! If you feel your eyes starting to hurt, take a break from doing work.
  • Make sure to hydrate and nourish your body appropriately. Try to stick to a consistent sleep schedule if possible.
  • Wear clothes which feel comfortable to you to put yourself in the most pleasant state.
  • Exercise is great for reducing stress and increasing energy levels. Take a free workout class offered by UCLA Recreation to get your body moving!


  • Take breaks and spend time with the people around you if you can. Reach out to friends and play online games to feel connected!
  • Use the chat feature or discussion boards to ask if anyone in your class wants to form a study group.
  • Apply for an All Brains peer mentor and go to game nights. Attend the GRIT Program's Connection Circles and Resilience Workshops for extra support.


  • Use an app or software like SelfControl to restrict any social media distractions.
  • Use the app Flora to help you focus on tasks, not get distracted by your phone, and get a reward for studying for a certain period of time!
  • Listen to audiobooks/podcasts instead of reading of books or news online to give your eyes a break and still get similar information.


It's okay if you're not reacting the way you would expect or want during this time! This is a new experience for everyone. You're not alone. We're all in this together!

All content is from All Brain's Study Tips for Online Classes