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UCLA Center for Accessible Education

We know it can be difficult to maintain a sense of balance right now, so we have created a list of some different ways that help to create balance.


Download socializing apps to stay connected with family and friends. You can host a study group or just catch up.

Mental Health

Try meditation or quiet time to refresh yourself mentally.


Limit the amount of daily news and social media exposure concerning the current climate.


Incorporate an hour of exercising/physical activity (such as walking, running, online yoga/dance classes)


Good nutrition is an important stress management tool. If possible, incorporate more healthy, high fiber snacks into your diet.

Get Outside

Take some time to get outside, such as a walk or sitting on a balcony. It can also be as simple as opening a window or buy a plant to take care of.


Sleep matters, for brain and body health. Try to maintain a regular sleep schedule, without taking too many naps.