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UCLA Center for Accessible Education

Student Rights

UCLA students with disabilities have the right to:

  • The right not to self-identify if accommodations are not being requested.
  • The right to equal access to courses, facilities, university-sponsored courses, programs and activities. If accommodations are required to ensure equal access, the student must register with CAE to determine eligibility and appropriate accommodations.
  • The right to be protected from discrimination.
  • The right to make decisions regarding the release of personal disability information.
  • The right to challenge decisions or submit a complaint through UCLA's grievance process (Procedure 230.2).

Student Responsibilities

Students who are self-identifying with the intent of requesting accommodations have a responsibility to:

  • Follow all procedures for registration with the CAE, including submission of appropriate professional documentation, identifying the disability, and detailing the functional limitations caused by the condition.
  • Read and respond to all correspondence from the CAE.
  • Self-identify in a timely manner, meeting deadlines and allowing reasonable time for review of documentation and implementation arrangements prior to the need for accommodations.
  • Follow University procedures when receiving accommodations, including any procedures which require interaction with professors or staff.
  • Request accommodations each quarter in order to provide notification letters of approved accommodations to instructors.
  • Notify the CAE if the approved accommodations are not working or are no longer needed.