Register with the CAE

1. Schedule an intake appointment. Call (310) 825-1501 and schedule an appointment with a Disability Counselor. The counselor you meet with will be determined by the nature of your disability or medical condition (ie learning disability, psychological disability, temporary disability, etc).

2. Required documentation. Prior to your intake appointment, please obtain a letter from your clinician or medical provider that describes the functional limitations of your disability. You may also have your clinician complete the Verification of Disability form to verify your disability status. To avoid delays in authorizing accommodations, please bring this documentation with you to your intake appointment.

3. Intake appointment. You will visit A255 in Murphy Hall for your intake. During your appointment, your Disability Counselor will review your medical documentation in order to determine your eligibility for accommodations and services.

4. Authorization for services. Please note that registration with the CAE does not authorize you for access to all accommodations. Your counselor will approve you for only those accommodations that meet your needs. You can always schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss modifications if you feel your accommodations are not adequate.